Saturday, 27 March 2010

Easy peasy.

WOW! This blog reaches far!
I had an e mail from a friend on a business trip in Africa, sending me a link to a Peas and Things receipe!
Thankyou dear!

And this is what I actually did with them: zapped them in the microwave ever so carefully in little stages. Then plunged them in cold water, then tossed them in sesame oil and coated 'em with sesame seeds - and Voila! (or dekita! in Nihongo).

I thought they were good. A bit crunchy maybe for Japanese tastes. I haven't been back downstairs yet to see if Okaasan enjoyed them.

I bought liver for the main event of dinner. I love it and so does Okaasan. I thought it would be a good meal for us a deux.
Trouble was: Okaasan was ASLEEP again!
Just like the last time I prepped a special meal for her. Is she faking it?
I crashed around the kitchen as noisly as possible. I flung open the  door to her room several times. I stood there and called her. No reaction. Well...deep snores. 79-year-olds sleep and sleep.

So I cooked it all. And sat down at the kitchen table to eat alone again. Of course happy in a way - but knowing that the time in my day to give Okaasan some mental stimulation was being stretched and stretched.
Sure enough. I finished eating and started moving my dirty plates to the sink.

She grunts and wakes up.
She said she'd walked a long way today...Yujiro's note about lunch told her to eat out Friday and I guess she had something. I don't know where. Neither does she.

Anyway. My ideas of slipping upstairs to catch the ice skating on TV faded. So....I start reheating her dinner etc and get her to the table, and then I have to sit and chat...of course prompt and let her chat.
We did a few more rounds of "I went to Africa", followed by a short diversion into "War started when I was at junior high school, and I made bullets"....

Finally I made my excuses and came away. Friend is calling from Tokyo excuse.

And so it goes. My life.
Got years and years of this I expect.

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