Saturday, 6 March 2010

Okaasan on a roll.

She's doing great at the moment - it's these spells of normality that make the demented times so hard and shocking.

On the trip to the hair salon she dropped a glove somewhere.

And last night she came back from town - having successfully found the glove at the station lost property office.
It's such a small thing: Lose a glove:Go to look for it: Ask at the station.
But in fact I think for Okaasan this is quite an achievement, to remember that she'd lost it, to remember where she was the day before, to keep all of that in mind and go downtown to backtrack.

Anyway: I'm into my weekend with Okaasan. Yujiro stayed home till this morning, and now he's gone. I'm at work now, when I get home tonight...Saturday night, Sunday lunch and dinner, and then Monday lunch.
But Yujiro - being the guilty sweety that he is - I think he was planning to cook and leave me food to give her! So that should be easy. And I already made plans to go out with a friend Sunday night. So I only have to do two meals a deux.

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  1. That sounds good. I wonder how long it will last? This lucidity. :) I hope for your sake she keeps getting better.

    Enjoy your weekend! :)