Friday, 12 March 2010

The unhappy home....It's a SIGN!!!!!!

It's my birthday today.
Yujiro gave me a birthday present this morning.
I'm 49 years old.
The wrapping paper was one of those random newsprint kinds - apparently culled from 1950s editions of House and Gardens or moviestar biographies.

I turned over the parcel to open it. And my eye caught this:

The unhappy home
Wherever people live together, there is bound to be some friction, tension, misunderstanding. Problems must be confronted before they can be worked out. In a chronically unhappy home, however, a girl may be too busy dodging fire to find out who she is, let alone where she is going.....

Poor Yujiro wondered why his present brought forth such desperate laughter.

And inside this Fortune Cookie Wrapping?
Bright red boxer shorts and socks decorated with the England football team name and Number 10. So I can support "my" team this summer when we watch the World Cup together. Yes, he already has boxer shorts in the Brazil national colors as he is Brazil's Number 1 fan in Japan.
This guy is not into romantic gesture presents. Joke presents all the way.
Luckily friends and students have gone the more traditional course: flowers, cat toys, bathroom stuff. Thankyou everyone!

And so my birthday begins....a busy day at work and then the International CM Festival tonight...and No Okaasan ALL day. It's gonna be a good one.


  1. Happy Birthday and hope you (know you) will enjoy your day without Okaasan! :)

  2. Have a great birthday... Enjoy your day.

  3. Happy belated birthday. Sounds like things with okaasan and her memory are starting to go downhill. Hope it doesn't cause too much confusion outside of the usual routine.

    Thankyou for your comments lately. I just spoke to mum - she sounds positively chipper considering she is getting her head cut open tomorrow. Too scary for words.