Thursday, 8 July 2010

Surface normality...

All seems well...but who knows?

We've had a busy week - with the football at semi-final stage, a friend's birthday, a Couch Surf guest, news  from England getting a bit better (moved to a hospital near home now) and planning for a BBQ we are having on Sunday.

Okaasan seems ok. Seems though. Who really knows?

She didn't go to hula on Monday. She said something about "that stupid/bad I went downtown and drank a tea".
It's hard to get details with this kind of comment, because she doesn't give them and if we press with questions it all gets confusing and stressy. Best to leave it alone.
So we don't know what happenend between 9 am when I saw her at home and 1 pm when the class started. The classmate called and said Okaasan didn't come to class etc. So we don't think she even GOT to the class place, maybe the "stupid/bad" person was somebody at the station or on the train? Or a neighbor who talked to Okaasan for a long time and made her late?

We have no idea.

Apart from that, I've thrown away some dirty underwear left in the bathroom - not heavily soiled, but stained beyond niceness..I can't be bothered to start soaking stained underpants. Okaasan already has about 60 pairs of pants.There are enough! Her room smells pretty bad at the moment, I must get in there and do some basic cleaning and underwear hunting...

And Okaasan noticed all the BBQ boxes and bags in the kitchen yesterday and said to me worriedly: "Where is Yujiro? Is someone going away? There was luggage here!"
I reassured her that it's just Yujiro getting all BBQ-prepping happy. She looked a bit worried...

Mind you: we ARE planning a trip to Tokyo in October. Both of us. Because...WE GOT TICKETS TO GO AND SEE ADAM LAMBERT IN CONCERT!!!!!!One of my students sent me info about tickets going on sale and we got some!!! YEAH!!!!!!!I have no idea what we'll do with kittens and Okaasan that night....maybe put them all in a pet hotel together...


  1. Oh my gosh! I didn't even know he was coming back to Japan. Have a great time and please blog all about it!

  2. Hi Helen - YES! he is coming - Osaka, Nagoya and two nights in Tokyo....can't you get to any of those concerts?
    Tokyo on Ocober7th...the Thursday! come and join us !!!

  3. I read the poster wrong! I thought he was coming on the 10th of July!!!

    I wish I could, but I don't know if it would be possible. Hub isn't really into Adam's music (although I make him listen to it a lot ;-) ). I'll ask and see if he's at all interested.