Monday, 28 March 2011

Charity begins at...

That's where charity begins, according to an old proverb.

So, while we are thinking to offer up my classroom apartment as a home for a nuclear crises evacuee...we are also turning our attentions to our very own Saitama evacuee. Okaasan.

She had a so-so week. Yujiro feels she is ok. He's been home cooking and chatting. I feel her conversation abilities have slipped one or two notches down.

So Sunday we did Family Duty and took her out for a walk round the neighborhood and tried out a local ramen place near the subway station.
Felt odd to be ambling round the neighborhood streets as a threesome. Yujiro holding Okaasan's hand over tricky bits of ice. Me pointing out amazingly interesting things - wow! Look, a bud on a tree! Look! A sign about a lost canary! Anything to create a relaxed mood.
Okaasan tripped along with us, she seems to walk on the front of her feet a lot. Kind of tripping forward all the time.
Anyway. We did ramen for lunch and tripped home.
All ok.

Yujiro and I spent the afternoon watching TV and worrying about Popo-chan's health. Poor little cat still isn't very bright. Not eating much. Yujiro's found some miracle pet water on the Internet which various people claim has made their almost dead cats super-bouncy within days.
We've ordered some and we'll see what happens.

So, while I am buying bottled water to send to a pregnant friend in Tokyo because the tap water maybe or may not be dangerous (depending on which Tepco staff member is counting his fingers)...I am also buying special miracle water for the cat. Okaaay.

And then.
Late afternoon Okaasan threw a nasty little something into an otherwise nice day.
Nasty toilet accident.
I won't get too graphic...but she was in the toilet a long time. And tried to clean up the floor and stuff, and mat...and then she went out and we swooped into her room to look for the soiled clothes and throw them away and wash the toilet mat, and the toilet bowl etc etc.
She didn't say anything. We didn't either. Not sure if she remembered or not. She went out at 6 pm again and came home after 8 pm. We'd already eaten dinner. Yujiro heated up stuff for her in the kitchen.

Don't know what we can do about this incontinence. Becoming double incontinence really.
My suggestion is to get the nurse at the free health check in the spring to broach the subject and suggest diapers....

and so, that was Sunday.


  1. Your poor little cat. My cat isn't doing so great at the moment either. Can you point me in the direction of the miracle cat water?

  2. Toe walking is related to a lot of childhood neurological issues -- autism, cerebral palsy to name a couple. Okaasan's toe walking might be a new sign of her continued decline. Just a thought....

  3. Is it? We have really noticed that since last year her walking style has become this kind of tipped-forward shuffle - which at the worst times is almost an uncontrollable forward run...but at best is a kind of forward scuttle....

  4. The true sign of compassion (endurance) is when the poop stuff happens. And it will believe me. I know it embarrasses my mom and she can't help it. is really a big challenge for the caregiver.I have an arsenal of supplies on hand by the toilet in a plastic dish bucket.
    Latex gloves
    Flush able wet wipes
    Baby lotion
    Baby powder
    Room freshener spray
    A fan to point the odor away from my clean up station.
    Extended breath holding capacity! Diapers are a must but those have to be disposed of properly.
    So preparation is a must.
    Good luck in this department.

  5. Mamamia

    but you do TALK directly to your mum about it don't you?
    At the moment it's all playacting that this is happening.
    She poops and tries to clean up. We wait till she is out to finish up the cleaning and hunt down the soiled stuff in her room.
    We don't say anything. She doesn't say. Not sure if she remembers or not....

    I wonder about talking about it and meeting embarrassed denial.
    Or putting diapers in the bathroom in a nice "lady bag".

  6. Poop=time to talk.
    It's not to *tell* her anything.
    It is to *suggest* you'd like to help her.
    Then just *do it*.
    She will appreciate it knowingly or unknowingly.
    She needs you more than she can say or would say.
    Each week, each day, and each hour will be different. Expect change.
    I think I'm having a lot of empathy for you!