Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Back to reality.

After all the elation of the Walkathon success...which by the way is featured here in the Hokkaido Newspaper...

After all basics.

Toilet...err.. problems again.

Came home Monday evening and Yujiro said he thought Okaasan had had an accident in her room because he saw her suddenly stand up, grab some newspaper and run from her living room into the tatami room...and then she was there for a long time.
Sure enough. On Tuesday while she was out he got into her tatami room and found very soiled underwear and newspaper and tissues and stuff. All had to be bagged up and thrown out.

What to do? It's SO hard to talk about this. For either of us really.
Recently she has double incontinence more and more. It must be embarrassing and disgusting for her, but lucky if it happens at home. But eventually I think she'll stop going out.
Does she remember it happened or not? Does she know that we've cleared up after her in her room?

I hope when she goes for the very basic free health check at the clinic this spring that we can get a nurse to mention it and maybe recommend old person diapers. Hope.


  1. yeah i hope things work out... you can get those rihabiri pants as they call them.

  2. That must be so hard for all of you. Hope the nurse can talk her into it.