Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Falling, falling..........

Okaasan's tooth fell out yesterday.
Top front.

She's had a crooked, nasty-brown colored tooth there for ages and yesterday afternoon she suddenly said to Yujiro: "did I eat something hard? My tooth has fallen out!".

So now we have the saga of will she/won't she go to a dentist.

Over a year ago she was complaining of tooth pains, so we finally got her to go to a local clinic. She went twice, but when the dentist said he was going to give her an anesthetic injection Okaasan decided with all HER medical-wisdom that it wasn't necessary. So she stopped going.

And now. Occasional pain you quickly forget is one thing, a gaping gap when you talk or smile is another. And we haven't found the tooth itself yet. Did she swallow it? Is it under the newspaper mountain?

She didn't eat dinner last night, returning predictably to Guru Nishi-sensei's "don't-eat-and-your-body-will-heal-itself" mantra. But she did agree that a dentist should have a look to make sure there is no infection. 
Friday starts a series of public holidays in Japan so we'll try and get her along to my dentist quickly.


The other falling...

Yesterday I went back to my indulgence: woodchip sauna bath salon, after a break of almost 6 months.
And it was too hot for me. And I almost fainted! Had to be rescued by the salon staff armed with iced towels etc.

It was scary actually. I haven't fainted in years, not counting menopausal dizziness from standing up too quickly.
After 10 minutes buried up to my neck in woodchips I felt a bit hot, after 15 uncomfortable. By the time the facepack went on...not too good. Got out...into the shower and felt dizzy, into the locker room and it was spinning.
I luckily got out to the reception area and lounge - "feeling bad!!! bad!!" to the staff, and just as my legs went like lead and I felt I was falling the staff steered me into a massage chair, pulled the curtains and brought me  round with iced towels and water.

YIKES! Scary. 
I canceled the much-longed for Facial treatment and came home gently. Felt ok at home, but stayed off the beer/wine.

Hmm. I hope it was just because I was too hot. Maybe a menopausal hot-flush came on strong at the same time too. New customers usually only do 10 mins., but as I am an old customer the staff and I thought 20 mins. was ok. I guess not.

* More double incontinence Sunday. Well, we FOUND it on Sunday. Three pairs of soiled pajamas in Okaasan's room. Thankgoodness for washing machines.

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  1. I've never heard of a woodchip sauna. It sounds great. I definitely would faint if I stayed in 20 mins though.