Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Let's dentist!!!

Dentist. Done.

There's a promotion video on CNN at the moment for a program about Alzheimer's - with someone saying "They look like your parents, but you are looking after them like your child..." and that's what yesterday felt like - taking a little girl to the dentist.

But MOST luckily I didn't have to do it alone as the weather was terrible and Yujiro had no work. So we made a family outing of it: Let's Dentist!! (this is an in-Japan joke, with the Japanese habit of putting nouns with "Let's" to create oddities such as "Let's tennis!").

Anyway. In the morning I suggested to Okaasan that she have a bath before going out, she wasn't too enthusiastic and actually surprised when I mentioned that she usually has a bath once a week before hula...so her last bath WAS a week ago.
Really? A week ago? Me?
So odd this. In her mind she's had a bath sometime recently. It must be odd that people tell you that what you are thinking is not so at all. I know I had a shower yesterday...but if someone told me I hadn't...what would I think?

I did family lunch and then we got ready to go out in the spring storm. Drove downtown. I dropped Okaasan and Yujiro off at the dentists and went to park the car.

Also I went to pick up yet another flower-pattern shawl thing that Okaasan bought a few days ago and asked the shop to keep for her - when she dies I am going to inherit lots and lots of these red/pink flower shawls. She sees one - she buys it.
And yet again it was a PING! moment: Okaasan's memory surprisingly in complete working order. "Where is the shop where you bought this shawl? "
"Oh, it's just when you go thru the doors of the underground shopping street, second on the left...."
And it was. Second on the left. She remembered completely ok. Such a small point really, but still noticeable to us.

Yujiro and I sat in the dentist's waiting room while our child Okaasan was in the dentists' chair. Then the dentist came out to say: a small part of the fallen tooth root was still there, but maybe can't be got out and the teeth each side of it are so weak that he doubts a bridge would work, maybe cementing a fake tooth to them would be possible.
All of that might happen next week....if we can get Okaasan to come again.
The dentist and Yujiro talked about it, then the dentist went back to talk to Okaasan about it. Lots of chat followed. 
Finally she emerged all smiley and bowing to the dental nurses etc - no basic problems which is good. If she  doesn't want a fake tooth fitted that's fine - I reckon at the age of 80 you can decide against nasty dental treatment if you don't want it.

So we emerged into the spring typhoon and took Okaasan to a Tully's for coffee and chat. Then home.

So. All went well. Not sure whether she'll want to go again next week...but for now it is enough.

Next? Time to tackle the toilet accidents. Let's Diapers!

***  and just to end on an "Awwww" moment.....we have finally finished remodelling my English classroom signboard. Yujiro de-rusted and repainted it. Ordered up special magnet sheets and traced them, and cut them...and.....finished!!!

Chichi thinks the green matches his eyes.


  1. Hurray for the dentist! and yeah I agree that once you reach a certain age, you have the right to refuse abusive treatment! LOL...
    I am really liking your post titles! You've got the Japan-glish down pat!

  2. What's the strangest "Let's..." you've ever seen...a few years ago I saw "Let's perma!" which was nice...