Friday, 30 November 2012

Day service visit

They came today.
Came. Talked. Decided something. And left.
And I don't know anything about it!
All I know is there were slippers in the entrance hall, and the evidence of 2 guests drinking coffee or tea in the kitchen....

So frustrating.

He and Okaasan had the meeting with two people from the day service management office. I was at work all day and came home later.
But he's gone off to the mountains to do 4 days ski teaching and Okaasan is in her routine of TV, newspapers and a bit of dinner and chat...and I'm not going to open THAT can of worms with her as a topic.
So - who knows what happened!!!!!

But the setting was perfect for all of them to understand why it is so important to get her signed up for hula classes and lunch etc with lots of other friendly people.
This week we had a blizzard on Tuesday, then rain on Wednesday and sheet ice on Thursday. Okaasan couldn't go out all week. Too dangerous on the roads near the house. Dear Son drove her to the subway station finally to get her out of here.
And then last night the ski school called - sudden late booking for 4 days from a Malaysian family. Want the same teacher. He had to grab his stuff and go to stay tonight near Otaru and the ski area. Tried to move the day service meeting earlier in the day, so he could leave early - but failed.
I'm sure he had his ski stuff in the entrance hall when they came - and was stressing about leaving before dark - so they certainly got a clear idea of this old lady's life....icy roads forcing her inside for a week, a son about to go away working for 4 days...and an absent, working, foreign Oyomesan.

They'd better offer us 5 days of constant day service and rescue her from this hell hole....


P.S. BIG thankyou for all your votes on my beautiful cherry blossom's now got 110 votes and is the top picture of New Pictures in the photo competition!!!
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Now to settle into a weekend of Okaasan care....I have Couch Surfing guests too...and think I might try and get out for a ski myself....oh...and Christmas. THAT is lurking. I should really get stuff set up for the Uk etc....because we all know that last minute panic gets expensive when you have to air mail large presents.

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