Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Back to day care :-)

Okaasan returned to day care yesterday.
After a few seconds of negativity, she changed her mind when she was reminded that the day care people come with a car to the house and pick her up to take her there - and up off the carpet she got, getting dressed and getting her stuff together for a bath etc.
Off she went! :-)

Excellent. It means her leg pains have subsided for now and it means that she is basically positive about the day care place.

Upcoming events: another trip to the dentist AND the annual mental health assessment. By the end of October Okaasan has to go back to the mental health clinic and be checked again - to see if the dementia is increasing or stationary.
Is it really almost a year since I summoned every persuasive power I possess to get Dear Son to take action and get her assessed? Apparently, yes.

Onwards, onwards....

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  1. wow, that year went fast. good to hear okaasan is back at day care. Hope getting the assessment isn't too much of a hassle. Do they just come to the house and talk to her again?