Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Getting back on walking track

Okaasan has gone out two days now, walking on her own to the nearby shopping area.
We still worry. Her legs aren't that strong and she gets tired easily.
I tracked her on the GPS with the cell phone and brought her home by car both days.
The first day she was in the convenience store, standing clutching onto the stools in the drinks service area - unable to climb up onto the stool of course. So just standing there. I have no idea how long.
Last night she was in Macdonalds, Sitting with her magazines and an empty box of McNuggets and a cup of ice coffee, while neighboring tables were full of noisy high school groups. Kind of clash of the generations.

But getting better.

A bit of negativity about going to day service this morning: "do I go there in summer too? do they have hula dance there? do I go every week?", 10 minutes before the driver arrived Okaasan was still in pajamas on the carpet while I busied around getting her stuff together.

Tokyo will get the Olympics! Bit of a surprise actually. To everyone.
After enjoying the whole London Olympic thing last year I am very determined to be a volunteer in Tokyo. Gonna take a few months off work, crash the sofa of friends in Tokyo and sweat it out with everyone. Tokyo in July. Oh my god....HOT.
And - to that end. After promising myself in front of many students as witnesses - I will restart Japanese language study. Got to get the formal language better. Got to get the reading level better.
I tried to volunteer for the Nordic Ski World Cup a few years back but got seriously panicked by all the information packs with Do's and Don'ts, I couldn't read it. And realised I wouldn't be a big help as a volunteer. Japan LOVES to make extensive written information before something happens, telling you far too much when all you will do is stand at a door and take tickets or check bags....so I need to have better reading skills by the time the Japanese Olympic Committee start stuffing up my mailbox.

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  1. Oh I so hope you get the opportunity to go to Japan and help with the Olympics!

    Isn't technology amazing that now you can track Okaasan when she is not home? Even though you still worry I'm sure, some of the pressure is off I hope.