Saturday, 7 September 2013

Spamming glory

Spam writing is usually pretty mundane, but this morning's offering is so...what's the word...friendly! I may have to Approve it, just to encourage more....

I love to follow your articles and blogs a lot and with bated breath every time I keep waiting for your next write-ups. Your article on buy green tea is simply awesome. I have not only bought green tea but havealso experienced its benefits. I have lost a lot of weight and I just can’t stop dancing around with joy. Thanks a lot. 

That's because yesterday's blog mentioned g------- t ------ in passing. A recent mention of d_n_i_st also got a flurry of spam telling me about oral hygiene treatments in Florida.

Yesterday Dear Son stayed away from work, still feeling less that 100%. He took Okaasan for a gentle walk in the neighborhood.
She could walk without clutching onto him or things, but got tired only 5 minutes from the house and they had to come back. 
He said her legs were pretty weak. Two weeks basically doing not a lot. We will have to get her out and walking a little bit every day.
Only 3 weeks ago she was taking the subway downtown and walking for hours round and round the shops. A bout of rheumatism and inactivity and she gets like this.

* Today's smile.
Back in the early summer I was offered 3 hours work as a model for a wedding hall company. This week the brochure was published....38 pages of breathless prose and fairytale pix...and on page 36 the happy family 'We just become (sic) a family. Full of warmest heart".

Mother of the this picture I AM "Okaasan"!


  1. i really love that photo of you! so charming. ;)

  2. So odd this white-worship of Japan, especially in 2013, isn't it?