Sunday, 12 January 2014 we go again...a deux.

Haven't blogged - just had a normal life.
As normal as it gets around here. :-)

He was home for a week and we had family dinners, and watched TV and worked and shopped and stuff.
Even went for a date to see the movie Gravity Zero with Sandra Bullock looking SO BLOODY TONED! And George Clooney somehow looking sexy in a space suit. Amazing movie. Go see it with the 3D glasses and lose the contents of your stomach.

I also had an old colleague staying in the classroom - so lots of reunion dinners etc with people I used to work with way back when I was Okaasan-less (didn't even BUY tofu in those days!).
My friend even came to dinner with us and Okaasan in the kitchen. We ordered up a big tray of sushi and Okaasan was very stiff and polite with the guest, we had to tell her endlessly to help herself to sushi. But she appeared to enjoy someone coming to dinner.

Okaasan went back to day care Tuesday and Thursday....slow to get up and ready, needed prompting about gathering the right things together - but happy enough to go.
I took her to the subway station yesterday and released her for a few hours downtown alone. Luckily my shopping/play trip with Cutest Baby and Mum ended just as Okaasan was back at the station.
She actually called Dear Son's phone - but he was still at the ski resort - it was just lucky that I called her a few minutes later. I don't think she knows/remembers that on her mobile phone the One button calls Dear Son and the Two button calls Dear Oyomesan.

And now.
Dear Son has gone again. Maybe a week. Who knows...

Okaasan and I are alone again together.
I cooked her dinner tonight...but she says she has a sore mouth...or is it tooth...and only gingerly chewed on a few grains of rice.
BUT! She stayed sitting at the table with me chatting: and actually said "I don't remember so many things now, it's on my own would be hard...that's why I live with you and Dear Son!!"
My Japanese isn't great. But I think that's what she said.

I made reassuring noises about losing memory being ok, because he and I can remember the important things...what you had for lunch today or whether you even had lunch isn't SO important. And she agreed and chatted on about how her mother had lived into her 90s!!! and then wartime food shortages, and American planes not bombing Kawagoe, and the military police stealing any food that relatives had sent....on and on and on.

* Clothes shopping alert....
I think I'll have to go clothes shopping again with Okaasan. This time for long sleeved shirts or sweaters. She really has very few winter-place clothes, and the ones she have are old and frayed.
Getting ready for day care the other day she got very stressy:" I don't have ANY clothes! I don't have ANY money! I never go shopping!"...whining like a child.
It's not that bad, but there is a shortage of longsleeves.....
I will have to get my brain together for that.
Can't send her to the shop with money and hope she'll come with the right thing. It'll be another silk scarf with rose patterns, or a bag....

shopping. I hate shopping.


  1. is it possible, if you know her size, to go out yourself and buy her some that look really similar to what she already has, and mix them in among the old?

  2. It is. And I have done it in the past with long sleeved under shirts. Not sure i can do it for actual over shirts...but yes, you are right - that would be a whole lot easier. There is always the worry that she will say: "This isn't mine! Where did this come f rom!"...those moments of lucidity are lurking....but yes, it IS an idea. Thankyou.