Monday, 7 August 2017

Birthday at "home"

Happy Birthday Okaasan! 87 years old and getting stronger and stronger.
Our birthday cake visit went well. Just got the timing right:  at towards the end of dinner time in the hospital lounge. She enjoyed the cream and strawberry cake with her nearest and dearest...and only family members.

Still in a wheelchair, but she can stand and move to the  toilet or bed much easier. Blank memory about most things and confusion about place.
"Do you want to stay at my home?"
"U(m, this isn't your home, this is a live with us at home..."

Doesn't matter. It just means she accepts the hospital as the "now" and ok place to be. It makes leaving her and coming away much easier.

Most years for her birthday we go out and eat her fave crab. This year was different. But happy enough :-)


  1. This is good news. Hope it continues. Happy Birthday!