Sunday, 21 November 2021

Planning my death

 Really I have thought a lot since we saw Okaasan last week.

I hope that the place she goes to next is a better environment, where she has the chance to be a human - not a vessel for tubes In/Out. And if the Pandemic will allow us more time with her. Dear Son won't do more to push the medical experts and social worker in any other direction. He is very passive on this topic.

But I know I need to actively protect MY future.

Maybe he will be the decision maker at the end of my life. Maybe I will be doing it for him. Maybe other people. But it's something I want to think about now and plan.

I found the Japan Society For Dying With Dignity and I've sent away for the membership pack. Then I can talk to Dear Son. Maybe he would like to join me in making a Living Will?

If this is a topic that interests you, here are some links:

Japan Society For Dying With Dignity

World Federation - Right to Die Societies

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