Thursday, 28 April 2022

All clear :-)


He's clear.

I'm clear.

Okaasan is clear.

The three of us have gone thru the Covid experience and come out safely. Thankyou science.

Following Sapporo city's current advice, I was out of self isolation after 5 days (with another negative test) and Dear Son was out after 7 days.

To be honest, our self-isolation was easy peasy. NOTHING like a hotel room, a government facility...or the horrendous experiences of Chinese people at the moment who are being barricaded in their homes by authorities.

We did our shopping online and had food gifts from friends/my students. We enjoyed our garden. We went for gentle walks at nighttime in the empty park near home. We watched TV (Suits Season 8 and Japan's version of Bake Off), read books, played with cats....

But still. It's nice to be out and back to normal life.

Now we can get back to hoping that sometime...somehow we will get to meet Okaasan. 

It won't happen soon, as new infection numbers aren't going down here and next week is Golden Week - a week of public holidays, events and travel in Japan. So hospitals are likely to stay closed for another month or more.

Maybe we'll get another online meeting with Okaasan. Let's hope for that.


  1. Great news! So happy to hear that :) Hope can meet Okaasan soon!

  2. Hope everyone is doing fine. Have you had a visit yet with MIL?? If not I hope you can visit soon.
    Take care.

    1. Hi there! We're fine - hopefully Covid free now and back to normal life. We hope to apply to online visit with Okaasan soon, it was the long holidays here - so we avoided that time, because the staff are probably busy - but now maybe we can arrange an online meet up. No sign of when face to face meets will be allowed.

  3. Hope you all are feeling back normal. Miss your blog. Take Care.

  4. Hope all is going well for MIL. Miss your blog! You always interesting items about family and Japan.
    Take care.