Tuesday 22 August 2023

15 Minutes of Visit

 More time this month.

Okaasan awake, too.

Slightly better feeling? Maybe. She looked at us, then sometimes made groaning sounds, scratched at her arm with one hand and rocked her head violently.

How is that somehow "better"? I'm not sure.

Dear Son had the bright idea to take in a photo of her husband and the older son. So we showed her those pictures and talked about them. She focused on the photo of her son in particular.

The crazy summer heat continues here. It has been 30 C plus for days and days...tomorrow will be 35 C!!

The hospital had the curtains closed, and fans to move air around. Of course they have air con.

We came away feeling slightly more comforted than last time. But not much. I guess I am glad that her dementia must be so advanced that she has no awareness of the time. Just the moment. The bed. The table beside the bed. The woman in the next bed. Nurses coming and going.

Not the days, weeks, months...years of this slow death.


  1. I miss your blog, hope all is well,

    1. Hi Laura, thankyou for reading and commenting.
      Yes - we are well - the terrible summer heat has broken and now we can start to think again and lead ordinary lives.
      We have made a plan to visit Okaasan again later this month...so until we do there isn't much to report here. Just our lives trundling on...but I WILL blog again when we have something about her to share :-)