Saturday 8 June 2024

FINALLY!!! Visits!!!


We are here!!!
Anytime (well, almost) we want!
The care home has relaxed the family visit rules and from June we can go any afternoon, apart from bath-time on Fridays, we can stay up to half an hour and we can be a maximum of a 3-person group.

All great. Finally. A chance to do more quality visits. Once a week. Try to catch Okaasan when she is awake. Play some music via the smart phone. Take in flowers to show her. Prattle on about stuff.

30 mins is more than enough time. The care home is 10 mins drive from home, so once a week is very doable...or more times, if we chose.

This week we had bedside time. Okaasan sometime opening her eyes to look at us, and then drifting away into a gently snoring sleep. The nurses said we can quietly play music from our smartphone - Dear Son says Glenn Miller would be Okaasan's choice.

More regular visits can resume :-)

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