Monday, 19 October 2009

Fell off the diet wagon.

Fell off the diet wagon this weekend - into meat, meat, meat, chocolate, chocalate, beer, wine, beer.

I should feel terrible.
But it was great.
Not a bad weekend either.

Work finished early Saturday because the two little brothers I teach in the afternoon are recovering from THE influenza. 
So Yujiro and I went to the Sapporo Short Fest - lots of strange short films from all over the world, then onto yakitori (grilled meat on sticks) and beer, then actually slept at my English classroom on the Couch Surfing guest bedding because I couldn't drive home, followed Sunday by another bout of strange movies with a friend, then a Korean steak lunch, icecream, shopping and finally home to dinner and Basic Instinct on video.

All good weekend stuff to do and enjoy. 
And I did.

7 pm Sunday evening we both went outside to Bob's flower bed and lit some candles and drank a little beer to remember our neko-chan. One week since he died and we miss him. He used to look at me with such big, deep green eyes. And now he never will.

And news from England is that my step-mum has improved a little and been moved to yet another hospital. It's her birthday soon and I don't know where to send a card. I guess I'll send it to her sister and it will reach her.

And Okaasan stayed with her TV and the heated table. She managed to feed herself Saturday night. She took in the pckle-drying net thing. She enjoyed the curry Yujiro made - her life is good I think. Day to day, TV, wash and rearrange the drying laundry, more TV, food, a walk, sleep - a good life.
She seems to be enjoying the new Hula dance class and even went to the coffee shop last week with a classmate...THAT would be great if she actually formed a friendship. I often regret that apart from us and people in shops she doesn't have any conversations.

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