Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Loooong day...

Our dear, furry, feisty cat gave us a nasty surprise at 5 am today with another seizure attack - horrible whole-body shaking and thrashing around on the hall floor.

He'd been bad last night with his sore gums and trying and failing to eat - at 2 am I'd carried him into bed...but by 5 am he'd got out to the hall and was into a 1 minute seizure.

He did this twice last summer twice when Yujiro was in hospital - and in an awful panic I'd rushed to the night vets and broken down...tried to get them to put the cat out of his misery and luckily been refused.

This time it was too late for the night vets - so we had to sit up with the cat while he staggered in circles round the living room for over an hour all disorientated. The only light relief was when he circled the poinsettia in its large box and looked a little like a devout Moslem doing the Haj at Mecca!

At 9 am I was at the vets and got them to take him in for the day - I had a busy day at work and Yujiro too was out photographing Sapporo buildings. Okaasan was home with a whiteboard menu on the kitchen wall.

It was a busy day and a bit hard to concentrate...but at 5 pm I was back at the vets and picked up the poor, doped up moggy. He'd had his antibiotics, steroids and God knows what else. I felt bad though because they HAD said to me to bring him in every few days for the gum treatment - and I hadn't done it yesterday (watched TV instead) and this horrible, panic, stressy seizure was the result.

I love this pussycat so very much. 
I know he is old and sick and is going to die soon.
But I can't do it now. This week. This month.
I really, really need him to be ok for now.
I've known him longer than I've known Yujiro - and he means a lot to me.

Other news:

Yujiro took Okaasan yesterday to try out the new hula dance class in the department store culture school. All seemed well and she joined. No shower/bath though...but she didn't seem to remember this complaint.
And we're waiting on the dentist situation too - he says we should wait until the next time she has tooth pain. But the "bad" dentist called tonight to ask why Okaasan had missed an appointment. Got fobbed off with some story or other.

Influenza is sweeping Sapporo now - many schools are closed. One student today said 14 of her daughter's classmates had it!
I worry about Okaasan. She wasn't great tonight. Only ate a bit of dinner and then quitely went back to huddle under the quilt. I switched on the hot carpet for her and was very polite and gentle at dinner.

And so...everyone quietly going to sleep here.
It's been a looong day.

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  1. Hey.

    Hope your cat is doing better. How horrible seeing her like that :(

    And all the talk about the dentists... I am so meant to go and keep putting it off as never been in Japan myself before. Must get brave.