Thursday, 8 October 2009

Quiet day...

The cat is ok....but very clingy...and every time he flinches over his sore gums I worry.

Yujiro worked on the computer.

I went to the gym (yeah!! 61.7 kg!!) and indulged myself in Sayuri on DVD.
And cooked - oh yeah - it's that unusual it merits a Blog! Yujiro has so taken over the kitchen I hardly know how to boil an egg now.
But I did seafood omlete and salad for lunch, rice and miso soup...
And stuffed green peppers for dinner.

But unluckily/luckily Okaasan wasn't up for trying Oyomesan's feast.
She'd been out late afternoon and eaten wonton and donuts in Mister Donuts. So she picked at dinner and didn't even try the peppers.

It's my fault. She asked me for money mid-afternoon while Yujiro was out - and I'd rashly given her Y5,000 as I didn't have smaller notes.
Yujiro doesn't usually give her so much money - because she goes out on a shopping spree...and this time she went and filled up in Mister Donuts...

So she finally got home and looked pretty tired. She seemed confused about whether she'd walked or taken the subway, so we don't know. But she sat at the table in a daze really and ate a bit of rice and salad.

Getting cold here now - thankgoodness the kotatsu (heated table) blanket came back from dry cleaning. Okaasan can start burrowing for winter.

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