Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ripening! Ripening!

For all those doubters out there!
Look! The green tomatoes turned red! It worked!
And very interestingly the apple turned into a banana too.
Move over Harry Potter. I should go to the top of the Transforming Class.

We had a nice quiet day here. Beautiful autumn sunshine. I went out with Yujiro while he took photographs for work around Sumikawa, Makomonai and Ishiyama. I was his driver, so he could rubber-neck and try to spot the best angles for shots. We even found the spot for the shot of mysterious rocks, trees and a distant Mount Moiwa. He bought me lunch in a little Italian restaurant. We drove. The fall colors were great. All was well in the world. I even managed to walk a bit here and there...

Okaasan stayed home with the Tv and various piles of half washed laundry. Late afternoon I planted out tulip and daffodil bulbs for next year and she came and peered at me while she hung laundry.
Then she went out for a late afternoon walk - always on the principle that ONCE the sun is setting and the day is almost over...THEN is the best time to go for a walk!

I heated up curry for dinner, and made salad with THE red tomatoes...and then Okaasan said she had a stomach ache and didn't feel like eating anything. So we ate without her and she lay under the heated table and moaned a bit.
Just as we'd finished - up pops Okaasan's head above the sofa: "I think I could eat half a bowl of curry and rice now!"....err...fine..but actually I'd served and we'd eaten ALL the curry....
Yujiro luckily had a curry-in-a-bag thing and is busy downstairs heating that up for her now....

and so it goes. Life with Okaasan.


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