Sunday, 2 January 2022

Happy? New Year


Is it? Really? A Happy New Year?
Really, you have to wonder...for Okaasan.

Yesterday we drove to the hospital thru a snow storm and delivered our New Year card and this small flower display. Of course, not TO Okaasan herself. But via the hospital side door, and the security guard called up to the ward. Handed it over to the nurse who came downstairs.
We hope it will give Okaasan some happiness. Give the staff something to chat to her about, when they come bedside to change tubes.

I believe Okaasan will understand what this is. What time of year this is. Will it bring back memories of her mammoth New Year cooking for husband's office staff 60 plus years ago? Or, my not so gorgeous attempts in recent years? My Facebook feed reminded me of the latter, with photos of my creations and shop-bought celebration food in the years when Dear Son was away skiing and Okaasan and I were Home Alone together.

I hope this small arrangement and the card with a picture of her dearest son will bring some happy memories to her. We can't see her until February, because of Covid visit limits. About two weeks ago I took in a small photo album of memories too - handed it over to the nurse. More hoping.

Dear Son and I are having a very low key holidays, at home with the TV and food and alcohol. Skiing and snow shoeing. Attending to the digestion problems of one of the cats. Putting off the diet plans...until later....

2022 has GOT to be better. Hasn't it! Is Omicron this viruses last hurrah? Japan is very strictly limiting access, still - and I have several friends who ventured out to see family abroad for the holidays - when they return it'll be thru a slew of tests, retests and quarantine. The government is running out of space to put the quarantining people, so passengers arriving in Tokyo have even been bussed or FLOWN to hotels in other cities around the country. Actually flown! Come off a long international flight, go thru all the checks etc at the airport and then herded onto another flight and taken off somewhere else.
If you live within taxi or private car reach of Tokyo or Osaka's airports, you might be able to get home to quarantine. But for thousands it has meant a 3 to 14 day stay in a hotel. At least you don't have to pay....the government is funding it. 
And if someone on your international flight later tests positive - you are called up at home and asked to go back into a hotel...

So relieved I don't have any pressing family need to go to the UK now. Maybe this year? Will travel become easier? Hope so.

And HOPE visiting an old lady at the end of her life in a hospital bed 10 mins away from here will become easier. Of course. 

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