Saturday, 15 January 2022

Visits off the table...again...

 AND....Covid derails our visit plans again.๐Ÿ˜‘

Care home called and said all family visits are cancelled while Omicron rampages around our community.

Since the winter holidays and all the travelling that so many people did to finally see families - and a really ridiculous spike in cases connected to US military bases in Japan (arriving personnel and their families faced very relaxed testing and quarantining) - Covid is up and running here again.

Our area went from under 10 new cases a day in December to 300-400 a day this week. Tokyo had 900 a week ago, and over 4,000 yesterday.

And so. We won't get to see Okaasan for another...month? Two months???

I REALLY hope they give family's like us priority reservations when they reopen, because when we entered that care home in mid-December the earliest reservation slot was February 2. So we should be given priority when it all starts again.

Meanwhile we are battling a massive winter storm that's hung around for 4 days now. So much snow. So much wind. People killed under roof snowfalls, Car crashes. Famous trees crashing under the weight of snow. Endless. We are all so tired of the snow.  Below is the neighbor's house....


  1. My inlaws live in the tokachi area of Hokkaido and after this winter they have decided they are sick of the snow and want to move to the south of Japan, somewhere where there is little to no snow. I can't say that I blame them, it must be very cold and harder to manage as you get older. Hope you and your husband stay safe and warm!

    1. And Tokachi is usually an area with LESS snow! But this year - even there....Yes, as you get older - the whole snow clearing, snow3 moving and driving/walking life gets harder and harder. Many people move to Sapporo, or to south Hokkaido - because life is easier. This year has been crazy!!