Saturday, 13 December 2008

Catch up time (J)

Nothing much to report - because I hardly SAW okaasan! Two days of morning to evening work, so I saw her briefly Thursday am and then at dinner, and yesterday I only saw her for a moment when I checked in with her on a flying visit home during my lunch hour. Our old cat is not at all great now, and I came home to give him a kidney-flushing injection.
I think the time is rapidly approaching when the poor old cat will have to go to the sofa in the sky...the timing is kind of fitting. As I have to give out energy in a new direction one focus of my love and energy until now is fading away. I love him lots, but winter is not a good time to have kidney problems because he gets dehydrated stretching out by the living room heater.

This is Year End Party season in Japan. I had a lunch with students on Thursday, and then dinner last night with another class. Actually I am stopping that class - sadly a little after 5 or 6 years years teaching that group. It's downtown at 7 pm on I have classes until 6 pm in my suburban classroom until 6 pm, I think going on into downtown on Friday nights is not going to be good in our new life schedule - because he works as a ski instructor...and Friday/Saturdays/Sundays he is often away. I need to be able to come home and make dinner.

Anyway. We have made it through week one. I said that to him yesterday...he grinned and replied: "Yes, but there are 52 weeks in a year!" So desu neh. This new life will go on and on and on....
An animal charity in the UK used to have a Xmas ad campaign with the slogan: A Puppy is Not Just for Christmas.
An Okaasan is Not Just for Christmas!





とにかく、ワタシたちは一週間通してやり遂げたわ。ワタシは彼にそう言ったの。彼、にやりとして返事をしたわ。"うだね。でも、一年は52週あるんだよ“ ソーデスネー。




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