Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Curtains and cleaning (J)

I did a lot in the apartment today - while the elctrician came to fix the light and the handyman did the door rail.

Two trips to the home center and I came back with three curtains, kitchen cabinet lining paper, a chair cover, curtain poles, hooks and assorted stuff to make the collection of new furniture feel like a home. The toilet looks ok now, the bathroom is still a nightmare. I cleaned a lot of gungy stuff.

Meanwhile in Saitama he said he found Y40,000 in an envelope in his mum's room...she has money all over the place. She forgets that she's got it from the bank.

A friend came round tonight and we had pizza and chat which was good. Talk out all the worries.

I took the cat in briefly tonight. It was funny to see him tring to work out where he was - a kind of parralell universe. Okaasan's apartment is the mirror image to he knew it felt familiar...but not. Poor animal. He looked confused.

Off to bed.




ホームセンターに2回行き、3箇所のカーテンと食器棚の敷き紙といすカバーとカーテンポールとフック、めた 新しい家具を家らしく見せようと取りそろえたものを持って帰ったの。今のところトイレはよさそうで、お風呂はまだひどい状況。べとべとしたたくさんのものをきれいにしたわ。





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