Sunday, 28 December 2008

Join me?

Hey...another day.

I popped in to check on okaasan this morning. She actually remembered to have the heating on at 15 degrees this time. She comes from a part of Japan where it's unusual to use room heating much...

Good dinner last night. Sashimi and rice/soup/vegetables. Okaasan stayed on after dinner to watch some of the ice skating with us. About 9 pm she looked sleepy, so at his suggestion I took her back to her place - checked that the hot carpets were switched on, checked the heater etc...

I know that various friends and students are reading this Blog because you send me e mails telling me so - I've just added a new gadget thing at the side, I think it is below the picture/profile - I think it means you can get alerts when there is a new posting. If you'd like to use it - please do!

Hi to Martha in Canada...and I think Wilma is there too at the moment...and Diane is in the US...and Tokiko, Izumi, Kumiko here in Japan...and Loretta in Australia...and over there in England? I know someone in England sent me a "good luck" e mail...

It's very good to know many people are thinking of me as I try to be oyomesan. I feel your power!

Anyway. This morning the cat has bad constipation and keeps laying down in his litter box from exhaustion. I'm taking him to the vets before they close for the holidays.

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