Saturday, 20 December 2008

Missing in action?

Oh my. We thought we'd LOST okaasan last night! We called in the police etc etc - but luckily she came home safely. What an evening....

All started so well yesterday. We went into her place around 9 am and checked that she was ok. We took in the "old lady food" from my student and made sure she was set for the day. Her cough seemed a little better.
He went out. I went out. He came home at 3.30 pm and okaasan was out. I came home at 7 pm - okaasan was STILL out. We debated what to do - could she still be at a department store? Should we call the police? Her handbag, shoes, hat were gone. Gloves were still in the entrance hall. And the cell phone with its GPS system ...was still in her living room in its recharger case. She doesn't really understand why she should have it.
7.30 pm came and went. We asked neighbors. We asked the local pancake restaurant that she likes..we waited.
So we called the police to report a missing okaasan. Three officers came and started interviewing us and going through okaasan's papers on her table etc. We found a recent photograph of her...
Yes - she had some money in her purse. Yes - she is often confused and forgets things. No - she knows her own name, but maybe not the new address. Yes - she seems to accept living here, not Saitama. No - we don't think she could get to the airport alone. No- we don't think she knows anyone here in the city. No - we didn't have a fight with her today. All those kind of questions.....

AGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Our worst imaginings coming true?

At 8.30 pm there was a little voice at the apartment door: okaasan returned home. Clutching a shopping bag. All smiley and surprised to see three police officers and us in her room...she said she went into town by streetcar or taxi...did some shopping...ate lunch


"But I've been to New York 4 times! I didn't get lost there, did you really think I was lost? Do you really think I'm that confused?"

We didn't know what to think. Thank goodness it was a false alarm.

We apologised a lot to the police. We got her changed into pyjamas, we started making dinner again. Finally sometime after 9 pm we ate dinner. Sometime after 10 pm I gave the cat his kidney flushing injections, washed up, put away all the plates and bowls...sank into bed.

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