Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mission Accomplished. (J)

3 am - can't sleep. May as well blog.

Last night I managed to cook dinner successfuly. I tell you, I consider myself an intelligent, can-do kind of a person - but managing to do this fish/soup/rice/vegetable thing feels like an achievement at the moment!

I came home from work around 4 pm and this time got it all organised. We ate a little later than planned cos I thought Y said 7.30 pm for a dinner...when he meant/said 6.30 pm - but this time we put water in the fish cooker (it helps to read the manual) and the miso soup and the rice were ok. I bought a large flat fish and it was fine for 3 people. Success!

Okaasan came to us for dinner and she was lively and happy. Seeing that makes it all seem worthwhile. She and Y spent their day unpacking some of the stuff she's brought from Saitama and they walked to a soba restaurant for lunch.

Her memory though really isn't great. He said she slept in her kotatsu and complained of being cold. "But you have the futon quilt right here" he'd reminded her...."Eh? Oh do I? I forgot I had a quilt..." she replied.

Today it's my turn to be on Okaasan-watch. He has to go to hospital for rehabilitation for the leg he broke in the spring. It's my day off. I am going to do lunch and dinner....and hopefully take okaasan to the local sports center to observe the Hula Dance class we hope she might join in the New Year.

I have quite a lot of selfish feelings: this is MY day off and I want to do something for ME. I'll try and walk or work out at the gym in the morning. Otherwise the whole day will disappear in oyome-san stuff and it won't be good for my mental health and ultimately this situation.

Ho hum. It's Xmas soon. Next week I have last-classes -of -the -year with various groups. I've done nothing about Xmas presents/cards for friends or family. I guess the Internet will come in useful.

And a Japanese friend who lives in England is coming to visit her family for the winter holidays. I am so looking forward to seeing her and drinking a LOT of alcohol!



午前3時・・・・眠れない   ブログしたほうがいいかも。









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