Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Boots...aghhhhhhhh!!!!!! (J)

My day off today.

We did various house moving things: buying a baby gate for the cat, picking up a bookcase and some curtains from kind donors.

Lunchtime was a major baseball game between Japan and Korea on TV. Yujiro managed to watch it in between serving Okaasan lunch (which she came late to because she'd been out shopping unexpectedly).

The baseball was still on at 2 pm, so I took Okaasan to the sports center. She does know the way in fact. But the spring snow is soft and the path across the park is a little dangerous, so I held her hand and guided her.

After the class there was quite a lot of confusion because it turned out that everyone in the class had signed up for the next session - apart from Okaasan. She hadn't understood to do that. She has to call tomorrow and hope to get in as a late applicant.

And there was a classmate asking whether anyone had taken her boots by mistake after the event in the hotel last week. Everyone looked accusingly at Okaasan. But she was definitely wearing HER own boots. I said: "It's not her...this time!".

We came home. 2 minutes later Okaasan came out of her apartment clutching some unfamiliar boots. Are theses the missing boots? I didn't know of course. Okaasan didn't know. I took them back to the sports center with big apologies.

But Yujiro thinks the boots OKaasan found in her shoe box may be her boots afterall...I didn't know she has 2 pairs.

AGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Confusion all round. It's so easy to get drawn into all of this...the confusing world of Okaasan....











あーぁ!!!!!!!! 何もかもわけわかんない。


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