Thursday, 12 March 2009

Older. And Tireder. (J)

Today is my birthday.
48? oh my god.

I think so.
It's cold and snowy. And the cat was sick on the living room carpet at 5 am.

BUT! It will get better as the day goes on. I'm sure. And tomorow we are going to an International Commercial Festival that I enjoy every year.

Yesterday I drove 3 carloads of stuff to the house and carried them in. And I cleaned our "office" room at home. 4 years-worth of dust under this computer table...and so many safety pins and paper clips! Where do they come from?
Yujiro cooked lunch for Okaasan and got her ready for Hula dancing. Then took her Hula dancing. He also started making arangements for changing over the utilities. Booking another moving van for furniture. Making pickles (HE is becoming a Japanese housewife!!!).

In the evening we took Okaasan to our local pancake restaurant. She drank half a little bottle of sake and chatted a little about hula. Her leg is almost better now, but when she got out of the car she dropped a glove and leaned down to get it - almost toppling over. I caught her luckily. But it was a scary moment.

Today Yujiro will take her to the hula class event in the hotel etc. He is such a good son to her. Really - his older brother is escaping all this mother-help so much.

I hope once we have moved to the house and got Okaasan settled. Hopefully she'll be able to cook her own lunch with the new electric cooker etc. I hope then that Yujiro starts work and gets back to his OWN life again. He's an excellent housewife. But he needs to escape domesticity.




48ですって? まあ大変。



でも! 日が経つにつれてよくなっていくだろうって、そう確信してるの。そして明日は、ワタシが毎年楽しんでいるインターナショナルコマーシャルフェスティバルに行くのよ。






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