Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Registering at the ward office. (J)

Today we all got out early to the ward (city district) office to register as new residents of this area.

I had to go to a different counter to change over my documents as a foreigner. Yujiro and Okaasan filled in endless forms at other counter for Residency and Pension and Health Insurance. I kept Okaasan entertained with chat about the funny photographs on my driving license and foreigner card and we picked up an armful of leaflets about this area.
I kept repeating the words "Minami Hiragishi", hoping that this location will fix in her brain somehow as the new home area.
After a quick stopoff at the recycle shop we came home for an early lunch and Okaasan had a bath. Then I went to work and Yujiro unpacked more and arranged electrics and explored ways to make make one tap in the kitchen. He has revealed himself recently as a real handyman.

It's amazing that 1 week after moving we have settled into a routine of daily life.
I love the space. Even the kitchen table is so spacious now for 3 people and different plates.

Happy? Yes.
Finally, yes. I feel this may be a good start for all of us.
I'm still really tired and there are so many things that need doing, but we are here. And it is good. For now that is fine.










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