Friday, 13 March 2009

Small things make me happy...(J)

A quick blog here...because I have to go to work...and Yujiro keeps walking into the computer room.

Yesterday was nice.

Small things make me happy. There were little presents from students, hand drawn cards, smelly candles, large box of chocolates from from Dad and Jane.

But actually you know: the best present was that in the morning while I was rushing and trying to get out of the house and go to work - Yujiro offered to take the cat to the vets for his injection! That's love!
First he got Okaasan organised for hula dance event. Then he took her to the hotel. Then he came home and got the cat and took HIM to the vets. Then he ate lunch. Then he picked Okaasan up from the hula dance event and brought her home...then he prepared dinner....

That was the best present. That he did all of that and helped my day.

Meanwhile: at lunchtime I had 2 spare hours. I took myself to a quiet Starbucks in town and had a coffee and sandwich. And then I went to a foot massage salon and had 30 minutes of footcare and massage. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice.

Sometimes small is beautiful!






でも、本当のところ、知ってるでしょう?;一番のプレゼントは、朝、ワタシが仕事に行くのに大急ぎで家を出ようとしている間に、ユウがネコを注射のために獣医のところに連れて行く、って言ってくれたことなの! これこそ、愛よ!






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