Sunday, 29 March 2009

Tie this woman DOWN! (J)

Okaasan is starting to explore the area...and getting lost!
We're not too worried because she is now taking the cell phone with her and even getting other people to show her how to use it.

Friday Yujiro got a call from Hiragishi police box to say that Okaasan had been brought there by someone because she was lost. She'd already walked from Minami Hiragishi back to the area we have just moved from - she wanted to see how far it would be if she walked to the hula dance class place! Then she started walking back...and got lost. She must have walked about 3...4 km.

Today we had a long day of cleaning at the old houses, moving all the locker stuff out, changing winter/summer tires, buying kerosene, pans etc...and while we were in the supermarket at 4 pm we got a call from Okaasan's cell phone. This time it was a helpful man downtown saying Okaasan had finished shopping and wasn't sure how to get home! Yujiro told him the subway station name and he wrote it down for her....50 minutes later she walked back through the door.

I admire her for all of this actually. She is physically very strong and she is active and even more importantly - she is inquisitive about her location. The weather is getting better now and Sapporo isn't a dangerous city - I hope she enjoys her explorations!

* Mind you I still don't admire her comments. Tonight I cooked dinner. Fish in a nice garlic/onion/mushroom/bay leaf/tomato sauce...and she picked through it silently and then asked for soy sauce or salt: "It's very thin, it doesn't have much taste". I'm too tired to care.








ねえ、ワタシやっぱりお義母さんの言ったことをほめられないわ。今晩、ワタシは夕食を作ったの。にんにくとたまねぎときのこと月桂樹の葉とトマトソースで煮た魚料理・・・お義母さんは黙ってそれをほじくり回し、それからしょうゆか塩がほしいって言ったの;“これずいぶん薄いわね。味がしないわ。” ワタシ、疲れすぎちゃって気にならないわ。

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