Sunday, 8 March 2009

Got the we have to dig our way in! (J)

Today we got the keys to the house - and then we started digging through all the snow to find the parking area and make it wide enough for a car or a truck of furniture.

It was warm in Sapporo today and we were GREATLY helped by an American woman called Rebecca, she is Couch Surfing with us at the moment - actually staying at my English classroom. And for some strange reason, after too many beers in Susukino last night, she offered to come help us clear snow at the house...

So we dug....

and dug...

and found the parking area and found some grass. And then after 3 hours we called it a day and went to the nearby ROYCE chocolate shop and bought chocolate to take home and celebrate with over tea and coffee.

Okaasan is fine. She went out today and walked downtown in the sunshine. She came in for dinner tonight and she was chatty and bright.

I want to start making notes about her conversation areas (primary themes): because in the book I've read about dementia these are the "green" topics that she obviously feels happy with. But, by the time we sit down to dinner I am usually quite tired and after she's gone it's hard to get the energy to make notes about the topics she has chatted about.
Tonight she touched happily on: family names, cooking, eating oysters...maybe I should make a note here.

By the way: Yujiro thinks he's discovered the fish that Okaasan is happy to eat. Sardines....he is cooking them very slowly in a pan and so far she isn't complaining about them.












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