Friday, 10 April 2009

Cooking failure ...again..may as well drink.(J)

I came home from a busy day at work to find that Yujiro was feeling sick and going to bed.

So...we know what that means don't we?.....!!!!

Oyomesan is cooking! Yeah. Oh no. Time to run for the hills.

Okaasan rocked in at 7.30 pm, clutching a usual shopping bag of stuff - some packs of beans, some fried snacks, some jelly snacks...the kind of things old ladies see and buy.

Yujiro had planned to cook Oden. This is a kind of simmered pot of tofu, vegetables, boiled eggs, fish paste etc which is popular in winter and eaten with mustard.
So I checked on the Internet how to cook it. Usually we buy supermarket packs and you just throw the contents of the bag in a pot and heat it.
But there was no pre-cooked bag. Just the raw ingredients.
So I put together all the stuff as the recipes said...seaweed, dried fish flakes, soy sauce, cooking sake, sake, salt...drained off the seaweed and fish flakes - added in the tofu, vegetables, all looked good.

But no.... Okaasan said: "No taste. Did you use salt? Not enough salt. No taste. It's not good. Japanese people like strong salt taste...etc etc". She started adding in soy sauce and salt to her food.

Bugger it. I refuse to add that much salt to something I am going to eat. This thing is eaten out of a communal pot in the center of the table, so you can't add extra salt secretly to one portion.
I smiled and made light jokey comments about the differences of cooking styles.

I will NOT let this get to me. I am actually quite a talented person, I am a good teacher, I write well, I ski well, I am creative, I have gardening talents, I can ride a horse, I can nurse sick animals, I'm a good driver...etc.
Not being able to cook food that this old lady likes is not a failure. If she wants better food she should cook it herself.

Anyway. We ate dinner.Then I distracted her away from my cooking by asking questions about the sake-making paste that she'd bought and got her to make amasake - a hot, alcoholic drink made from the left overs of the sake making process. So we sat in the kitchen and drank that and chatted about THAT. Not my cooking.

I dread what is going to happen when Yujiro starts work though. I will have to cook much more than I do now. And I fear that every single dinner will be a disappointment.
Yujiro should have fallen for a Japanese woman who had spent years cooking Japanese food. Then Okaasan wouldn't have to suffer the foreigner's tasteless efforts.




オヨメサンが料理するのよ! イェーイ。とんでもない。(お義母さん!)避難しなくちゃ!








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