Monday, 27 April 2009

Depressing thoughts. (J)

This weekend in Japan a 51 year old woman killed her parents because she was "tired" from looking after them.
On an online discussion forum about care of the elderly and social services in Japan I found this posting. Depressing!

One or both of them could have had dementia or been bed-ridden. In an emergency perhaps social services would have put them in a home, but in most cases the waiting list is long. They are scaling down the home helper program as well, my MIL, stage 4-5 Alzheimer's, just got 'demoted' two ranks to Youkaigo 1. Youkaigo my behind.....she needs 24-hour a day supervision.
She has no logical thought processes left, has a memory of 3-5 minutes which causes her to repeat actions ad infinitum, like taking pills every half hour or washing her hair 6 times in the shower. She gets up for the day at 3:30 am and stays up till 8 pm with no nap or break. Tries to call taxis in the middle of the night, will leave the house if someone is not watching. Because of lack of logic, if she's cold she'll light something on fire on the stove (chopsticks, paper) instead of turning up the heat. What help do we get in this situation?
A helper for 1 1/2 hours three times a week. 4.5 hours out of 119 hours she's awake weekly. She's in the hospital now, to get her diabetes stabilized (she eats hidden sweets on the sly that the has other people by for her so I don't know) but were she to come home we'd have no choice but to hire someone to either watch her in the wee hours or to look after her in the daytime, or I'll never get out the front door ever again.....the help levels vs. the severity of dementia/illness is almost laughable. If you have an elderly person at home who is not genki enough to go to day care, working is out of the question.
(Himajin, Japan Today website)

OH My God! Lilly bulbs are the least of our problems.







ああ、なんてこと! ユリ根なんて取るに足らない問題ね。

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