Thursday, 30 April 2009

Keys, keys, keys. (J)

The Golden Week holiday is starting in Japan now, so I am on half and then no work schedule...relaxing after months of stress and busyness.
I'm going to garden and try to fix the blackout curtains. Walk. Watch some movies. Relaaaxxx.

Tuesday a student gave me 2 movie tickets that she couldn't use. We telephoned Okaasan and told her there was rice in the rice cooker and fried tofu on the cooker - and went off to enjoy ourselves.

Came out and went to the car. The keys wouldn't open the car door.
????? Wrong car? ???? Not actually my keys! MY keys were in the other pocket.
I went through my whole working day in my mind trying to think where and how I would have someone else's keys in my bag/pocket. Even went back to the morning job to see if any students had reported lost keys.
No luck. Complete mystery.
Finally this morning one private student called to ask if I'd taken her HUSBAND'S keys from the top of the shoe box in their hallway on Monday! They'd hunted high and low for them of course.
Very embarrassing. Tonight I drove out to their home in the suburbs and returned the keys...and gave the husband some quality beers as an apology present.

Meanwhile...Okaasan also had a key drama.
Last night we had plans to go to a friend's house for a party. We checked the train and bus times. Yujiro prepared Okaasan's dinner, we actually met her at the subway station just returning from her daily shopping/walk. We told her about dinner and headed out on the subway.

10 minutes later she called us. She'd gone out without HER keys and now couldn't get in. So we had to turn back, catch a subway home again, walk to the house and let her in...and then we'd missed the bus to our friend's home area. So we had to take the car....

There must be something in the air. And it isn't just Swine Influenza.








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