Saturday, 4 April 2009

Kitchen Queen (Reprise) (J)

I did it!

I shopped. I came home. I prepared. Okaasan came in from another round of a hard day at the shops - and I served a good dinner. No salt added unnecessarily!


I did grilled fish, miso soup, rice, spinach with fish flakes and some left over burdock and carrot. And Okaasan had bought some pickled raddish. So we ate and chatted about fish and diets and wartime eating and cooking. She chats a lot more in a way when Yujiro isn't there. I sit and nod and give responses...and understand about 70-80% of it.

Then after an hour or so I cleared the table and left her to the washing up. I retreated upstairs to open a bottle of wine and relax.

YES! I can. Maybe.

And I think that maybe at lunchtime Okaasan went out and brought back some food to eat at home - there were some supermarket packets around. Maybe..hopefully she is getting more into the frame of mind of making that too much to hope?








イエス! アイ・キャン。たぶんね。


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