Sunday, 15 March 2009

Countdown to moving. (J)

Today I found the front door steps.....and we also found a HUGE shed!

Sunday morning.
Yujiro's just gone next door to supervise Okaasan's bath. Soon this will be so much easier to do. The bath in the new house is nice and low and easy for her to understand. She won't need supervising.

We are on countdown now until moving.

Today: more boxes to fill and lists to make. Things to buy: gate to stop the cat getting downstairs, electric cooker, curtains. Things to arrange: utilities, why does the hot water system leak, cat's stay at vets.

March 20: Furniture from Tomoko and friends are coming to help clean at the house.
March 23: Cat to the vets to stay for 3 nights. Move goldfish...carefully.
March 25: Big furniture moving....and Okaasan. Sleep at the house?
Before March 31: Old houses cleaning.

We talk to Okaasan about the new house. We haven't managed to show her inside it yet. Maybe it's better to do that once it is looking better inside with furniture...

Spring is trying to come here...but then it is cold and snowy again. Tv in Japan is beginning to show plum blossom and sunshine down south, I think Okaasan is a little frustrated that winter seems to be going on and on here. She gets out walking when the weather is good.

On moving day I wish someone would take Okaasan out for the day. Yujiro doesn't think it is necessary. But I think it would be so much better for her to be AWAY while we are stressing with moving furntiture and trucks and stuff...I think she will find it stressful. She'll make US more stressed.

I wonder if I can push the boundaries of frienship with some Japanese friend and find someone who will take Okaasan out shopping/lunch/onsen...whatever....

Meanwhile I realized that I have been pushing away friends too much. One very good friend kept sending me e mails about going out for my birthday. I couldn't think WHEN to go. And I felt guilty about going out too much when Yujiro is basically stuck at home cooking for Okaasan. So I kept putting off my friend and saying..."next month maybe".

Last night the friend came and left a birthday present at the door: it was two tickets for an onsen! She bought them and wanted to go with me. But the deadline is the end of March. So now she's given them to me and said:"maybe you can go with Yujiro..."
NO!!! I feel so bad. SHE planned it all and got the tickets and I kept pushing her away...

I will call her today and arrange a girls' night out for onsen. Moving house and Okaasan should not take away MY life and MY friends.

PS. It's back! Yuri-ne....Lilly Bulbs. I found a bag of them the other day in Okaasan's kitchen. This time I'm gonna do nothing. 10 days from now she'll have access to a working kitchen. She can amaze us with how she cooks them.







きょう; さらに多くの箱詰めとリスト作り  

買うもの; ネコが1階に行かないようにする柵、電磁調理器、カーテン  

        手配すること; 電気・水道など 温水設備から水漏れしているのはどうしてかしら ネコを獣医に預けること

        3月20日;   トモコさんのところから家具を運ぶ。それから友人たちが来て家の掃除を手伝ってくれる。

3月23日;   ネコを3晩獣医に預ける。金魚の移動・・・慎重に。

3月25日;   大型家具の引越し・・・それからお義母さんも。家で寝られるかしら?

3月31日まで; 古い家の掃除







なんてこと! ワタシとっても悪い気がしたわ。彼女が計画し、チケットを手にいれ、そして、ワタシが彼女を追いやった・・・


追伸  帰ってきたのよ!ユリ根・・・百合の球根が。お義母さんの台所でユリ根の入れ物を見つけたの。今回ワタシは何もしないわよ。10日後お義母さんは台所で仕事ができるようになるの。お義母さんはそれをどうやって料理するかで、ワタシたちをびっくりさせることができるのよ。


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