Thursday, 16 April 2009

Okaasan did it too! (J)

While I am a Kitchen Queen...Okaasan is a Homecoming Queen.

She made it home safely from hula dancing to the new house. Yay!

After the usual fuss about getting out of the house on time to go, Yujiro made sure she got to the subway station. Then he came home and we did stuff around the house.

At 4 pm we happened to be at our old house again (stealing back more of my old garden!), so we parked the car across the park from the sports center and spied on Okaasan together.

We watched her leave the sports center with classmates, walk to Nakanoshima with them...and then we lost her. Where did she go? She ran across the road and disappeared! Eh?

No problem. She'd gone into the subway station and gone home. Great.

Maybe we are all getting better at our new lives.





ワタシたちはお義母さんがお仲間たちといっしょにスポーツセンターを出て、中ノ島に歩くのを見たわ・・・それから見失ったの。どこに行っちゃたの?お義母さんは走って道路を横切って姿を消したのよ! えぇーっ?



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