Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Public help - finally. (J)

This morning I reminded Yujiro that we should go to the local city office and start to find out about what services are available for a 76 year old lady and her family.

We sat down at the desk and got the info from the staff. All about the 5 rankings of care needs and doctor appraisal systems etc.

Yujiro seems to think it will be easy enough to get Okaasan along to a hospital for a check over. I have my doubts. This lady hasn't been willingly to a hospital for years. I wonder how he'll achieve it? Bag over the head and drug her?

But I feel relieved that we have at least found out about the available systems and he is now programmed in to do something about it. If I was a Japanese wife I could do all of this. But my Japanese level just isn't up to persuading Okaasan to go to a hospital and welcome a care manager type into the home for an assessment.

Before he starts work again he has to set things in motion. At the very least I think a few lunchtime meal deliveries would help Okaasan.

Mind you, we've just this lunchtime had the usual rigmarole about getting her ready and out of the house in time for her hula dance class. Yujiro was hunting through her purse for something that was missing...subway card? sports center ticket? I wonder if Toyohira ward care workers will remind Okaasan to do this kind of thing once Yujiro is working again? hmm..guess not.
It could be a new service for forgetful old people - a Reminder to DO Stuff Service!

P.S. I am a very very evil Oyome-san. I have had a brilliant idea about how to use the lilly bulbs that are lurking in a bag in the kitchen...bought 4 weeks ago and of course forgotten and unused.

I shall try planting them in the garden and see if they grow into a flower!







追伸 ワタシは実に本当に鬼嫁だわ。台所の袋に隠されていたユリ根の使い方についてアイデアがひらめいたの・・・4週間前に買われて、もちろん忘れられて使われなかったね。


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