Sunday, 28 June 2009

BBQ and Okaasan. (J)

How to have friends over for a BBQ and accommodate the needs of an elderly Japanese lady?

I had my doubts about this, particularly when Yujiro said Okaasan wanted to eat BBQ with us...I didn't quite see her sitting down swilling the beer and wine with us 30, 40 -year olds....but actually the layout of the house worked well for it.
We had the space to do our thing and Okaasan's Sunday wasn't too disturbed.

We and our friends...and the cat...were outside in glorious, hot sunshine with stuff piled up in the hallway and access to the toilet and kitchen. Okaasan ate a few pieces of pizza at the kitchen table and then I took in some of the BBQ meats and salad into her room later.

The hardest part of it all though was evening meal. Okaasan went out for a few hours in the afternoon, but amazingly came home by 6 pm. So at 7 pm she said she'd like dinner...I had to get my slightly hung over brain into gear and put together a simple dinner for her ( soup/rice/vegetable croquette/pickles/salad)....while the hangers on in the BBQ were outside in the garden getting ready to eat heated up pizza and chips...

But I did it. And I managed some kind of dinner chat with Okaasan as she ate at the kitchen table and I heated the pizza etc. Then I grabbed another beer and headed back outside...
savoring some time with friends before I head back to England next week for all of THAT family stuff.