Saturday, 6 June 2009

Conveyor belt wedding (J)

Here we are - a handsome couple in our best togs...trying to forget forgetful old ladies, bad knees, unemployment and sick family the other side of the world!!!

After work today we went to a local hotel for the wedding of one of Yujiro's ski school buddies was a very typical wedding. There was a ceremony first in the hotel chapel for family. Then about 150 people arrived and handed over $130 per person as our party fee (this is a Hokkaido custom, in mainland Japan it is a much more expensive, but unspecified money gift), then we all packed into an event room at the hotel and sat down for a 2-hour vaguely Chinese lunch.

There was a video show of the couple's baby photos shown with loud pop music.
There were speeches from boss, old school friend etc
There was bad karaoke.
There were two guys wearing stockings doing a strange dance...
There was a candle lighting ceremony at each table.
There was a tearful reading aloud of Letter to Dear Mother and Father from the bride.

It was all a bit strange really, seemed so rushed and non-personal. I don't want to get married. But if we ever did, I'd hope for a more unique, special day.
Anyway...good luck to Yoshitaka and Keiko.

There was a notice on each table to say that the second party was at a bar in town and would cost $30 a head. But I'd already decided the knee gave me a good excuse to duck out of that one and come home. Yujiro will have more fun with the guys.
And I can have a rare evening alone at home watching MY kind of Tv programs.

He'd told Okaasan that we would be out and that she should eat out or order in...or cook for herself. She wasn't home when I got back...but while the cat was mooching around on the doorstep she arrived back...I said a quick "Good evening" before retreating upstairs with some of the wedding cake. No way do I feel like cooking for Okaasan or making chat tonight. I just peered into her room and she's got yogurt and dumplings on the table...she won't starve.

He and I deserve a night off from Okaasan duties.

ワタシたちは―― 一張羅に身を包んだ素晴らしいカップルよ・・・物忘れのひどい老婦人や痛む膝、失業や地球の裏側にいる病気の家族を忘れようとしているわ!!! 


  1. You got cake?! I've been to a number of Japanese wedding receptions (over 12, but I forget the exact number), and they pretty much follow the same pattern. I never had cake, though. The first couple of times I went to a Japanese reception, I thought that the strangest part, besides the bride going in and out several times to change into various kimono or fancy dresses, was when the bride and groom stand in front of a towering plastic cake holding a knife for about five minutes while their photos get taken. I have learned, since, that there actually is a small section of real cake that the bride and groom are cutting, but I don't know who gets to eat it.

  2. no!

    It wasn't THAT cake...I think that was a plastic tower...

    The guests presents under the chairs were: Tonden Farm sausages for Him and Baum Cake for Her (me).

    Why is Baum Cake so popular in Japan? I'd hardly ever heard about it before I came here>

  3. Thats a nice pic of the two of you - Hub and I have never been invited to a non-relative wedding reception as a couple! Quite good really though as just costs twice as much.

    Sausages and cake is a good take home pack - down here it is usually the oiwai red bean rice and then yep, baum cake.