Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Gardened like crazy. (J)

Today was NOT raining. Amazing.

Today the knee was okay...ish. Amazing.

It was time to get gardening after a long break.

Here are the Before and After shots of my5 hours of work!
I did major battle on the dokudami and the comfrey...and anything else in sight!

Okaasan went off to Hula Dance class and came home at a reasonable time. And she joined us for dinner, yesterday her gums were sore again. She'll never go to a dentist - her way of dealing with it is to skip a few meals and wait for the body to right itself.

* News from England not so great again...Dad said my step-mum wasn't so great again yesterday. She is still being fed by tube. But 2 days ago she was well enough to make phone calls from the hospital bed.
I am tussling with whether to go to England August during my summer break...or when? I feel Dad would love to have me there now. He sounds a bit down. But I also think a worse time is coming and I'll need to go again.....

  • イギリスからのニュースはまたかなりよくないの・・・父が、継母は昨日またかなりよくなかったって言っていたわ。彼女はまだ経管栄養を受けているの。でも2日前継母は病院のベッドから電話をかけるほどよかったのよ

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