Monday, 29 June 2009

I wanna dry my kimono! In Saitama...(J)

Oh gawd.
Okaasan wants to go back to her house in Saitama - to dry out her kimono...among other things.

And Yujiro thinks she can go on her own while he stays here in Sapporo and job hunts etc.

This plan all seems rife with potential problems to me...but I have my OWN family dramas. So I really am not going to get into THIS one!

Apparently this first came up last week. We don't know why. Maybe she saw something on Tv about drying kimono in summer sweaty heat in Honshu.

Yujiro thinks she'll be fine!!!!! He'll take her to Chitose Airport here in Hokkaido and send her off and she will be at home in Tokyo and can negotiate her old routes round the Yamanote Line etc to her old house. And then she'll stay there a few days and dry out her kimono?

And then? She will WANT to come back to Sappporo?
And she can make her way back to Haneda Airport and GET back here?

I don't believe this at all. He thinks she can. Why?
I think she'll get into the house in Saitama with all the old memories...and we'll have a hard job getting her back out. The kimono drying could take for ever in she's on her own.
Useless older brother is supposedly working in Yokohama.

Hmm. All a recipe for disaster to me.
I know she is operating well on old memories. But I think she'll get back into the old groove of life there...and we won't be able to get her back....

Anyway... I am 2 days away from getting on an airplane to England. So what do I care?
I am more worried about the cat and his kidneys...and Yujiro remembering to water all the garden...NOT to mention all the stuff about my Dad and step-mum....hospitals/prognosis/future care/dangerous driving.....

BUT bright spot: Yujiro's called ANA and Chitose Airport. He's fixed me up with wheelchairs and electric cars for all the travel!!! I am secretly hoping that ANA will decide I am a frequent flying customer who needs TLC and they will upgrade me somehow....

Anyway I have one more day of classes to go. And I have to hand-off the classes to other teachers who will sub for me...textbooks...class payments etc....countdown to departure.

Drying kimono in the old house in Saitama?

私、着物の虫干しをしたいの! 埼玉で・・・ 

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  1. I wonder Granny K has an old house somewhere we can send her so she can forget to come back. Maybe she could meet up with your MIL and they could dry out Kimono together!!