Sunday, 14 June 2009


Oyome-san's best laid plans for a happy family outing got scuppered by the weather: rain, rain, rain ...and cold enough for a coat and muffler!

The last few days in Sapporo has been the Yosakoi Dance Festival - a huge community dance event with over 300 teams whirling around the streets in colorful costumes and make-up to the sounds of booming sound-systems and drums.

I'd bought tickets for us to go to the Sunday afternoon stage performance in the park.
But it was SO wet and cold we decided that it wasn't a good outing for Okaasan at all. I went with friends..but Yujiro and Okaasan stayed home.

It doesn't matter - Okaasan had seen various parts of the event when she was downtown this week. But I was a little sad that we didn't get to do the nice little family outing I'd planned. We don't do much together and I thought it would be good. Oh well, next year maybe.

Anyway I had fun with friends, despite the cold.

At 11.55 am I got together in the park with friends and strangers to stage Sapporo's first ever Freeze event. These have become a worldwide thing - have a look at this one in London!

I'd reached out to anyone I knoew, and many people I didn' try and organise it. Today in Sapporo 18 people did it - freezing in position in the center of the park and puzzling people walking by...

We held the pose for 5 minutes and it was such a great rush when we finished and cheered. 18 was not great, but enough as a first try. People walking in the park turned and looked and wondered what was happening.
We'll try to do another event later.

After that I wandered (gently!!) through the park with friends, ate lunch and enjoyed the Yosakoi show from our stand seats for 90 minutes...then thawed out over coffee in a nearby hotel.
I love Yosakoi.
So many of my students say they don't go to this event - they say it is "too commercial, too noisy, not traditional, too crowded" etc etc. Well, if THEY were on holiday in another country and this kind of event was out in the park...I think they would go and love it! Take pictures, enjoy the show and the crazy atmosphere. But because it is in the home town...somehow that isn't interesting.

I don't get it.

Anyway. Fun day.
I came home to have dinner with Yujiro and Okaasan. He make simple fish and rice and salad. And soon it will be the finale of OUR favorite Tv show American starts at 9 pm. I'd better get tomorrow's classes sorted out Dad...iron work clothes.

Another week is about to start.


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