Monday, 1 June 2009

Doctor's report. (J)

Well. The doctors think my step-mum has a tear in her liver and cracked ribs...and her temperature goes up and down a lot, so they are worried about infection.

Her family is full of the doctors at the hospital are getting LOTS of advice and pertinent questions from the visitors! They must hate it when the visitors know more than you.....or think they do.

My step-aunt says Dad is ok...he went shopping, he has lots of his favorite food. The hospital is about 30 minutes drive from their house.

So. Ordinary life goes on here in Japan and I go into another working week with my step-aunt's e mails for information and chats to phone with Dad about what he ate today...and what he's going to eat tomorrow. He has a healthy food obsession.

I hope I don't have to go to the UK again...but also I hope this accident will FINALLY make them practically consider how they will lead their lives from now on. Should they drive (NO...NO ...NO), do they need help with shopping...should they start to plan a move to a home near my step-aunt..or at least in the local town.

Anyway another work week ahead. The blackout curtains are so-so...but the cat was still rowdy at 4.30 am....I was outside on the doorstep with him in my pyjamas at 5 am...

彼女の家族は医者だらけなの・・・兄弟・・甥・・姪・・・それで、病院の先生は見舞客たちから多くのアドバイスと核心に触れる質問をされているわ!先生たちはいやに違いないわよね・・・ 見舞客が医者より多くのことを知っている、あるいは知っていると思っているのはね。 

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