Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Life goes on...and on...(J)

Sorry. Haven't blogged.

Sunday a friend came round bearing wonderful cheeses, sausages and bread...we hung out at home and escorted the cat around the street for territorial yowling. She helped me get stuff at the Home Care center. I came home, rather late, and cooked chicken stir fry for Okaasan and Yujiro. It was ok, cos I added lots of soy sauce.

Okaasan had a good weekend - she went twice..or maybe more times ...to the Hokkaido University Festival. She enjoyed all the food stalls and people. I know she came home Saturday with dumplings or something, but she couldn't remember what she'd bought.

Yujiro's been job hunting. He's getting a bit down about it all. Season work for a 50 year old man in the middle of an economic downturn is hard to find. Rather worryingly he is also feeling down about his chances of ski teaching next season. I think it's more a confidence thing after the events of last winter (1 day work and then injured again), but it worrying. He is such an UP/positive person...it worries me when he is pessimistic. Skiing IS his life. He will ski again of course...but making a winter, earning life out of it who knows...I think he WILL. BUt he is feeling down about it. I thought going to the wedding with all his ski buddies would give him a boost...but no.

And in England my step-mum came out of ICU. Good. 2 nights later she fell out of bed onto the hospital floor. Bad. Many bruises and pain and more mental confusion.

I just spoke to Dad and he sounded sad. He seemed to think Jane was turning a corner, and this fall has set her back again.

So. I feel a bit down today. My knee is feeling better than yesterday - GOOD. But Tuesday is quite a long day of work. I should go for the electronic pulse rehab tomorrow.

I went to an old student's office tonight to pay her and pick up some tickets for a Simon and Garfunkle concert in July. I wondered...will I be able to walk into Sapporo Dome in July...all the way to my seat? It's 5 weeks away.I can't imagine what I can do.

Tonight I'll go to bed early to get in enough sleep before the cat wakes up at 5 am.
Tomorrow that photographer is coming to take my picture for a book about Foreign Wives of Japanese Men. I've never felt less ready for this kind of thing. I feel fat, slow and old. I wish I could cancel this photograph thing. Maybe she won't use it.

Just a lot of life at the moment.
Sorry. Very boring Blog. Just life. I used to feel carefree and happy. I wonder what happened.

Sorry. Very boring Blog. Just life. I used to feel carefree and happy. I wonder what happened.


  1. I think when you are suffering from low grade pain all the time it does make you feel down. And also just not being able to go thoughtlessly about your life but constantly being reminded by pain that you just can't right now is miserable.

    I don't know what to say about the job situation. It sucks. I do hope he finds something soon, for his confidence's sake as much as anything else. Looking for a job right now is a horrible place to be.

    And I can't tell you how sorry I feel for your poor step-mum. What were they thinking leaving her so unattended that she could fall out of bed days out of ICU???? Grr on her behalf....

    The photographer lady came to my house on Monday and did my pics today. She is VERY NICE. Very easy to get on with, interested and interesting without being full-on. You should do it! I found that someone paying ME a bit of undivided attention did my spirits a world of good.

    I told her about your bad leg and she said she'll just do pics around your house area so go for it. I hope she'll give you a bit of a giggle and lift your spirits a bit.

    She had me laughing today because she asked me to climb up and sit on a split rail fence, and it started to crack under my weight. Cringe!

  2. Thanks Vicky for the pep-talk...

    i just had a bath...and remembered how lucky we are to HAVE this huge bath..

    I'm going to cool off, try to inject the cat for his kidneys and go to bed.

    Hmm...my garden as a location? Me desperatly weeding on one leg...that is possible.