Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Out and About (J)

Sometimes it takes a stranger to kick start you again.

Today the photographer came to take my photo for a project she is doing on Foreign Wives in Japan. I had a lot of doubts and wasn't looking forward to it. But it was fun!

In the morning I did some gardening - well weeding really. Even Yujiro came and helped me pull up the weeds. We both sat on chairs on the LAWN to work. It actually is deserving of the title LAWN now!!

Then Reiko Shibata arrived and I took her by car to the near bye Tenjin Yama Park where I hobbled along slowly while she enjoyed the Hokkaido greenery. Then we did photos all over the park - with flowers and trees and Sapporo city as a backdrop.

She has travelled all over Japan taking photographs of 100 women - all married to Japanese men. Her photographs are beautiful and she hopes to have an exhibition in the Ginza Nikon Salon in Tokyo. My only disappointment was that many of the women appear in their national costume : Philippines, India, Thailand, Kenya or China. Me? England has NO national costume. I appeared in slacks and a shirt...

She came back to the house to do an interview over tea, (and meet Bob cat) and Okaasan and Yujiro enjoyed the photographs of all the beautiful women all over Japan who have ended up falling in love with Japanese men...

Anyway. Thanks to Shibata-san's visit I felt very much revived. My knee seems a little better and I enjoyed being outside. I have no idea if she'll use the picture though...I think I looked a bit windswept.

And tonight?

Okaasan amazed us by not only asking to eat tacos with us ("I went to Mexico years ago, I ate tacos there you know!")...but she tucked into FIVE tacos shells with mince meat, sauce, lettuce etc. Yujiro had a small curry on the cooker ready in case she backed out at the last moment...but no - she seemed to enjoy tacos.

She always says she doesn't like mince meat. So we didn't think she'd ever eat this!



  1. Now everyone's going to think that slacks and a shirt is the national costume for England.

    I'm surprised that okaasan was so fond of tacos that she ate FIVE! I don't think I could eat that many.

  2. National costume of England...nylon sweat pants with a hooded top...sports shoes..